about PYARA KERKETTA (Pyara Master)

Hailing from a poor KHARIA family in the remote village of Jharkhand, Pyara Kerketta faced all the adverse situations and emerged as a great educationist, social reformer, political activist and a pioneer of cultural movement. The contributions of Pyara Kerketta (June 3, 1903 – Dec 25, 1973) towards the educational, social and cultural development of Jharkhand is unparalleled. All his life he worked for social and cultural rejuvenation along with educational reforms. Committed to the allround development of Jharkhand, Pyara Kerketta’s personality was multi-dimensional. He contended strenuously at various social fronts simultaneously by mobilizing and awakening the Jharkhandi people.

Being an Adivasi, Pyara Kerketta took up the claim of Jharkhandi community with unprecedented zeal and established it in the Indian Society. He revived and re – organized indigenous languages for the preservation of the cultural heritage of Jharkhand. He wrote and published elementary books for learning and teaching in mother tongue and local Jharkhandi dialects. He initiated modern refined literature in Kharia language. He organized cultural movement by leading the youth for the re-construction of honour and self-respect of indigenous and tribal people of Jharkhand. Under the Colonial Rule as well as in the Post Independence period, he fought for the overall upliftment of the oppressed population of Jharkhand.